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Quotes and Testamomials

"Smarty Pants Publishing may be a light-hearted name, but there is no doubt the outfit takes its educational task seriously."
 - Australian PC World

"Kids often have so much fun with educational multimedia they don't notice they're learning something. That's one of the strengths of the innovative Languages For Kids series. And it does so with style, using fun, games, colour and music."
 - Northern District Times

"It's a hit. My kids (seven, five and two) couldn't get enough."
 - Australian Jewish News

"The high quality computer graphics and sound provide a great deal of stimulation not only for students beginning Indonesian, but continuing students in need of revision or motivation."
 - Newsmonth, Journal of the NSW/ACT Independent Education Union

"This range of CDs is aimed at primary school students and goes to great lengths to make learning as entertaining as possible. There's a lot of colour, sound and hip-looking dudes, but the programs are still based on sound pedagogic and linguistic principles."
 - Sydney Morning Herald

"Beam hits all the right buttons with Languages for Kids. It's interactive, it's smart, it's international and children in Australia already love it."
 - Alan Stockdale, Victorian Treasurer & Minister for Multimedia

"This is an appealing and easy way for children to learn Italian as Fiore is patient as well as friendly. Fiore also introduces children to the cultural differences in her country."
 - The Canberra Times

"The quality of sound and graphics is very good throughout - clear, colourful and entertaining. Budi is very patient, and by trial and error even young children will quickly master each of the activities and thereby the vocabulary and language concepts being taught - especially since there is no English translation to "help you" short-cut any of the games."
 - InfoRom (www.inforom.com.au)

"Claudine: thoughtfully designed and faultlessly presented; a painless way to introduce a young student to French."
 - Australian MacWorld

"If you were looking for a stimulating CD-ROM to help children learn German, this one would be hard to beat."

 - White Room (www.whiteroom.com.au)