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Junkyard Adventures Series

The Junkyard Adventures series uses vivid 3D graphics to transport 5 - 7 year olds to the amazing world of the junkyard - a magical, dirty, complex place, where you can find, and find out about, anything! The series is designed to encourage literacy and creativity, in a fun, stimulating environment.

A friendly monster made of junk guides kids through exciting games and activities, allowing maximum opportunity for discovery and invention.

Developed with the assistance of the Cinemedia - Multimedia 21 Fund

Junkyard Screenshot  Junkyard Screenshot  Junkyard Screenshot


  • In the Rusty Old Car kids can play with the radio, blast the horn and play with the games in the glovebox. Switch on the car TV for a hilarious, rapid fire quiz show where YOU are the star!
  •  The Recycle Depot is full of fascinating and useful junk. Kids can build all manner of weird creatures from junk parts.
  •  In The Shed, kids can read and play with the story, and even change the artwork. Lots of random surprises await!
  •  In The Tip is a maze where kids must smash bad eggs before they hatch into vicious monsters, while trying to move all the good eggs to safety in the nest. Speed, dexterity and concentration are seriously tested here!
  •  Each title features a different popular kids' topic. Shown here, Junkyard Adventures with Dinosaurs. Other topics include outer space and insects.

System Requirements:

  • Pentium 90
  • Win 95/98
  • CD ROM
  • Internet connection optional