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Languages For Kids

  • Mike teaches English
  • Pepa teaches Spanish
  • Michio teaches Japanese
  • Rivka teaches Hebrew
  • Claudine teaches French
  • Pip teaches German
  • Fiore teaches Italian
  • Insu teaches Korean
  • Lin Lin teaches Mandarin
  • Budi teaches Indonesian

Languages For Kids is an award-winning series of 11 x Win/Mac compatible CD-ROM titles, specifically designed for primary age students. The series employs an innovative approach to teaching a second language, using games and fun activities to impart quality educational content. It educates in both written and spoken language, whilst also improving mathematical techniques, computer literacy and problem solving skills.

  • over 25 FUN games and activities
  • more than 600 words and expressions to learn,
    plus alphabet and numbers 1 to 100
  • outstanding educational quality
  • simple, consistent user interface
  • three levels of difficulty in each activity
  • no prior knowledge of the language required
  • context sensitive dictionary & help system
  • comprehensive parent notes
Skills Learned:
  • alphabet & word recognition
  • word building
  • understanding simple sentences
  • using plural & singular
  • distinguishing between words that look and sound similar
  • simple addition & subtraction
  • telling the time
  • number recognition, matching numbers to written words
  • correct pronunciation
  • using vocabulary, including: greetings, ages, dates, times, travel, sport, colours, clothing, weather, stationary, everyday items, body parts, animal names, animal sounds, fruit & vegetables
System requirements:

IBM Compatible

  • Pentium processor
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Graphics card
  • Standard soundcard & speakers
  • Mouse
  • Windows 95 or better


  • Performa 580 (68040 processor)
  • 8 mb RAM
  • Double speed CD-ROM drive
  • Standard built in speakers
  • Mouse